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"From Nature to Your Home"

Together, we make a difference & shape a world where everyone is an ecohero!

Our Mission

"We make everyday products eco-friendly - out of love for nature!"

ecohero achieves this by...

  • Offering products that are stylish, trendy, yet sustainable.
  • Being transparent about the sourcing and manufacturing of our products.
  • Working closely with our producers and creating jobs for the local community in Bali.
  • Promoting social development by supporting local organizations.
  • Not just offering eco-friendly products, but starting an environmental revolution by advancing regenerative practices that restore balance between people and the environment!

"Together, we make a difference - because every step counts."

Jump on board into an era where connection to Mother Earth, preservation of our environment, and sustainable consumption are the norm!

Our Story

ecohero is the brand for everyone who wants to make their everyday life more environmentally friendly with sustainable products.

We now support countless customers in their fight against waste and overconsumption, using green products with impact.

Founder Story

When ecohero's founder Tamir sold his event agencies in Ibiza and Miami in 2019, he began to face existential questions.

Suddenly, he asked himself things that had not played a major role in his life before...

Who am I? What do I want to experience in my life? What is really important to me?

What would I like to contribute to the world if I didn't need money and it was just about making a positive impact?

The foundation for ecohero was laid by a key experience in Peru: Seeking silence and peace after a wild party life as an organizer, Tamir immersed himself in the wonderful and largely untouched nature of the Amazon, which deeply moved him.

But on the way back to the city, a cruel reality quickly caught up with him.

He was confronted with circumstances that shook him and wouldn't let go - there was trash lying along the roads for miles. He saw polluted water. People burning their trash in their homes to stay warm. And he wondered: why was there so much dirt in nature, which could actually be so beautiful?

When he moved to Bali with his family and was also confronted with garbage problems in the streets and rivers, he knew he had to act now.

On his first visit to Bali, he noticed a particularly beautiful bamboo straw that was served with his lemonade. The ingenious idea of using reusable bamboo instead of plastic immediately excited Tamir.

So he decided to start a new, sustainable company that has the fight against pollution, support for the disadvantaged, and preservation of the environment as its guiding principles.

That was the birth of ecohero!

ecohero is now an international company with three offices in Bali, Singapore, and Germany. It aims to balance human needs of the 21st century and nature by offering ecological alternatives to everyday products - for a smaller footprint on this planet.

ecohero now offers 12 retail products, including coconut shells, rice straws, bamboo straws, reusable makeup pads, reusable bamboo kitchen towels, bamboo toothbrushes, and combs made of bamboo and coconut. But ecohero is also a pro in sourcing.

Our Values & Our Vibe

We show our customers how easy it is to be the change they wish to see. It is our utmost endeavor to improve the world by offering sustainable alternatives to everyday products!

Our Mission

ecohero helps people who are looking for products that reflect their ecological lifestyle or who want to live more sustainably.

Our products offer brilliant solutions for a greener lifestyle. But they are not only intended for 100% eco-perfectionists, but for everyone!

Especially important to us is the positive impact we have on the planet and the local community.

We are deeply connected with our community and continually meet new partners who join our mission, making the ecohero community grow every day. So it's full speed ahead!

It is close to our hearts that knowledge about a positive and respectful connection to Mother Earth is spread globally. And that this soon becomes a matter of course.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone can be an ecohero!

We believe that everyone can contribute something to a greener planet, and we are here to support you in doing so. We aim to inspire many people to a sustainable lifestyle with a wide range of sustainable products of high quality and affordable prices.

We want you to implement changes in a way that feels natural. They should be fun and empower you.

Whether you are an individual, organization, small business, or NGO, you can take small steps to help the planet.

ecohero aims to inspire a change in our consumption behavior and drive positive change for Mother Earth.

In every decision we make as a company, the environment always comes first.

You Can be an ecohero, too!

Check out our product department now and be enchanted by our masterpieces made with love for nature.

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom with reusable toiletries, or fancy a cool bamboo straw that enhances your enjoyment of your favorite drinks – there's something for everyone with us!